Saturday, April 21, 2012

diy steampunk guns redux

Back in October 2009, around the time I first started this blog, I spray-painted two dollar store dart guns to match a steampunk costume I had put together for Halloween.

Two Halloweens later I accidentally left those guns at the Goblins and Gears Masquerade Ball.  Ever since then I've been hunting dollar stores, Walmart, Target, pharmacies, or any other sort of cheap toy store for guns that would be comparable to the ones I lost.

I was finally successful in my search last month when I found two water guns that seemed like they would be appropriately steampunk.  This time, however, I spray painted the guns a bronze color, then detailed in a gunmetal paint and gold outlining.

Then I took a decorative gap that was already in the guns and glued clockwork to the inside:

Scott thought that the guns looked too shiny and not very steampunk, so he suggested we put a black wash on the guns to give them a sooty, industrially roughed up look.

The results:

Not too bad, actually.  After spraying a clear matte finish on them they look appropriately battle-worn.

Now time to make some holsters for these babies so I don't accidentally leave them behind at another steampunk event in the future.

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  1. These are brilliant! Very nice job. The black wash was exactly what they needed!!