Sunday, April 1, 2012

monthly theme: les fleurs


For Sophistique Noir's Monthly Theme I am showing off what I have, floral-wise, in my own home decorating and clothing/accessory choices.

Interior decorating:

My dead roses

My Japanese tea cups- a recent gift from Scott
A sweetgrass rose, made in South Carolina


From top to bottom:
1. Premier Designs silver earrings
2. Glass earrings made in Germany- a gift from my sister
3.  A gift from a college friend after her Spring Break trip to Florida.
The "wood" that these earnings are made from is actually coconut shell.

My red clutch, purchased at a student marketplace at the University of Pittsburgh some years ago.
My Latvian knitted cap.  Scott claims this makes me look like a Mr F a la "Arrested Development."

Clothing- all of which I wear to work on a regular basis.  Nothing very Goth or steampunky here, with the exception of the last article of clothing:

Wet Seal

Forever 21


Above shirt, close-up of cherry blossom pattern

An Indian shirt, a gift from an Indian friend

Forever 21.  This shirt has a rather high neck and ruffles that are very much neo-Victorian
Close-up of above shirt- note the crocheted flowers in the lace and the flower pattern on the rest of the shirt

 While I am not a huge fan of floral patterns, I certainly don't hate them.  Seeing flowers is just lovely, especially in overcast, gloomy Pittsburgh.

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  1. The photo of your dead roses is so soothing, with its warm colors. I love the composition, too!

    I would totally wear that H&M cherry blossom tank top. The rosette detail is so adorable!!

  2. I love the tea set in the dead roses picture! :)


  3. I love the top from H&M, what a nice pattern! The dead roses are very beautiful.