Monday, April 9, 2012

old timey novelty photographs

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter and is having a good Passover celebration, and is enjoying whatever else may be in for them this month.

While home at my parents' house this weekend I came across an old photo, but not as old as it looks:

This, my dear readers, is my first experience with Victorian clothing.  You know those booths at fairs or amusement parks where one can get an Old-Timey photo, complete with 1860s photography equipment and techniques, for a fee?  When I was nine or ten a friend of mine and I did just that.

I guess my Victorian tastes in clothing were apparent even back then.

Anyone ever do one of these Od-Timey photos?  Which one do you think is yours truly?


  1. After least year's World Steam Expo, I visited the nearby Greenfield Village and had a tintype photograph made by M. Bertera. I need to remember to make an appointment for a sitting this year.