Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"baby got brass"

I know I promised to write more about the Steampunk Empire Symposium.  I think what I shall do is break it up into three manageable bits:

1. Your blogger's own mischievous misdoings and the wonderful ordinary folk (i.e. non-merchants or steampunk celebrities) she met on her excursions through the Cincinnati aether
2. Panels and airship competitions
3. Merchants and their merchandise, as well as the advertised featured "celebrities" of the steampunk world

But first I thought I might share an incident that happened during the Symposium's Fashion Show and Costume Contest on Saturday night.  I did not enter the contest as I did not think my costumes were anywhere near good enough to win even an appreciative nod from the judges (who included the likes of Steampunk Boba Fett).  Since the tallying of the judges votes for the sixteen contestants took longer than expected, however, the MC, Chloe Seachord, was trying very hard to entertain the audience for nigh on 20 minutes.  From showing a hilarious silent film made by the Apparition Abolishers to telling bad jokes, soon anything became free fodder for the passage of time.

That's when someone declared that the Apparition Abolishers' version of "Baby Got Back" be played. Entitled "Baby Got Brass," it pretty much says exactly what the original song does if it had only been written in a steampunk universe.

As the music started up the Scarlet Seamstress (who was eventually given honors in the costume contest for a category which I cannot recall at the moment) ran up to the stage, encouraging us ladies to follow her and shake our bustles.  Soon there was an amateur group of dancers showing off our assets to the audience.

That's when my crappy petticoat, made of a cheap netting material and meant to be kept safely out of sight beneath my skirt, decided to fall off.

So I did the only thing a bustled Victorian woman who wears her corset on the outside of her blouse could do- I took it off and swung it around my head.

The incident was caught on camera and has been posted on YouTube about three times so far:


  1. Gilbert and Sullivan.

  2. dergeis- I absolutely love you. I haven't laughed so hard since hearing Richard Cheese perform Disturbed's "The Sickness" on the remake of "Dawn of the Dead."

  3. *giggles* perfect!! thanks for sharing!