Friday, May 18, 2012

blog round-up

A quick blog round-up of notable posts, Victorian related or otherwise, from other bloggers in recent weeks:

Le Professeur Gothique- The dear professor not only has achieved her BatFit Challenge of 40 by 40 (w00t!), but she also writes an intriguing and well-researched academically-inspired blog post about the image of the "femme fatale" which developed during the Fin-De-Si├Ęcle due to misunderstandings abut sexuality and the changing class structure and gender roles of women.

The Neo-Victorian Parlour- Blogmistress Ms. Lou shares her researches on Victorian bicycles.  And, from last month, an excellent post on Victorian Picnic Etiquette.

Mutterings from the Oubliette- A.W. Exley spent the entire month of April creating a Steampunk Alphabet- 26 posts for each letter.  My favorites are N is for Neverwas Haul, S is for Sidesaddle, and Z is for Zeppelin.

The Virtual Victorian writes a short biographical post on Victorian artist, author, and poet Edward Lear.

And finally, not really Victorian related, but VictorianKitty over at Sophistique Noir announces the return of Red & Black Week, as well shares her three outfits worn to job interviews (which she nailed, also completing her own BatFit Challenge! w00t again!)
As an added bonus, a photo of a puppy:

Rosie, my part-time boss's golden retriever at 10 weeks of age.


  1. Aw, thanks for the mention! :) (((HUGS)))

  2. Aww!! I'm so stoked for Red & Black Week this year, so thanks for promoting it! The more, the merrier. ;-D

    OMG, usually I am completely immune to puppies, but this little creature is irresistible. I must kiss that sweet little furry head!!!

  3. So nice to meet you yesterday! Love the blog, and bonus puppy?!? YES.

  4. Oh, and if you are up for checking out the History Center some time, email me ( I know I don't go nearly as often as I ought!

  5. Thanks for Thw mention! :) <3