Tuesday, May 1, 2012

cincinnati + steampunk = pure awesomeness

This weekend at the Steampunk Empire Symposium was almost too much for words.   For my first convention, it was absolutely kickass!  It's no real eloquent way to put it other than that.  Your blogger partook of the joys of tea dueling, got her photographic portrait taken many a time, had many laughs and stimulating conversations with other steampunkers and Victorian enthusiasts, purchased merchandise, and learned so much about the creativity and passions of others from ages five to sixty five.

As my laptop is still not back from the Geek Squad I hesitate to write a detailed post about the event itself.  None of my photos can be uploaded right now.  But I will try my best to do a good job with others' photos over the next several days.  Also, over the next several weeks book reviews, merchandise reviews, funny videos and steampunk pastimes will be thoroughly explored and discussed on this blog.  

For now I leave several photos from one Steve Proffit, a wonderful man I met on the first evening of the convention.  He has graciously allowed me to use some of his photos for my blog.

First, my outfit for Friday evening- pith helmet and ray guns included:

Photo by Steve Proffit.  Photo used with permission.
Next, a terrific "flying contraption" by an aviator and this blue-haired gent, a member of The Vagabonds, a self described group of: "nomadic, crime solving, merc bandits who have an absurd love for terrorizing the many states of America."  They put on performances and conduct panels on some of the finer points of steampunk culture.

Photo by Steve Proffit.  Photo used with permission.

Stay tuned for more from the first annual Steampunk Empire Symposium!


  1. Looks über cool :D Love the outfits too; I have always been a fan of the many aspects of steampunk!