Friday, May 4, 2012

ses: convention attendees

This post about the first Steampunk Empire Symposium will feature the creative and colorful convention attendees.

On Friday night I had the opportunity to meet three newbies to the steampunk world.  Two of them, the "Tinman" and Stephen Proffitt, were taking a plethora of photos throughout the weekend.  Another, who dubbed herself "Lady Pen-ship," was a librarian doing research for a children's steampunk workshop at her library.  She had quite an interesting array of altered second-hand store clothes with die cut stamping and even Crocs with gears in them!

Unfortuantely I can't seem to find a photo I thought I took of her.

As for the other attendees, some of the more unique and detailed costumes are as follows:

A Military Aviation Man whose name escapes me at the moment
A little red Dalek!
Sir Reginald Pikedevant, Esq. (Jeff Lee) of YouTube fame during the grilled cheese run the Steel City Steam Society made to Tom+Chee in Newport, KY on Friday night.
Remember, "Just Glue Some Gears On It And Call It" Newport!

A Clockwork Doll and employee of vendor Bustles and Britches 

One of the members of the SCSS during the "Mustache Parade"
Larry Green, a real photographer in Victorian getup.  There was a real digital camera in that vintage-looking camera prop he was holding.
Captain America  in American Civil War era Union uniform patterned outfit, early 20th century military helmet with visor, and clockwork star and stripes!
The Human Locomotive- winner of the Costume Contest's "Best in Show" award 
Narla Thotep and Lydia Lamplighter, my sewing buddies and SCSS members
Two of the hotel personnel posing with a steampunk explorer
Nim Derringer and Ophelia Walsingham, two more SCSS members
The Scarlet Seamstress (on the right) with her escort/arm candy
Sir Getty and Lady Louisa, two SCSS members partying it up at the Midnight Masquerade Ball

SCSS Cap'n Alexa Black and crew member Tamara Barker, vendors for Gwillim and Black
Overall the symposium was a dream come true.  My boyfriend once said that his first wargaming convention made him feel like he was finally "at home."  I couldn't help but notice a similar feeling- probably not as strong as his, but still of feeling like I belonged with the people I interacted with.

Other than the cad who propositioned me and then tried to grab my posterior during the Masquerade Ball while I was wearing this past February's Emilie Autumn concert garb and my gas mask.  Just because I look like a Victorian harlot doesn't mean that I am one!  Fortunately Narla Thotep, Steampunk Boba Fett, and two other steampunkers in military attire made sure the situation was taken care of.  Many thanks you guys for getting rid of the only problem I had all weekend!

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