Wednesday, May 9, 2012

ses: merchandise redux

Yesterday I forgot to add photos of the merchandise I purchased at the Steampunk Empire Symposium.  I apologize for the confusion- the past week has been hectic with family crisis and other such distractions.

The first item I purchased was a gift for Scott- a lighter shaped like a derringer, sold by Matt Winkelman of Artistic Intentions.  Neither Scott nor I smoke, so I was deliberately trying to light up for my smoking friends whenever we went outside for their ciggy breaks just to get the proper use out of this item.  

The second item are a pair of orange-colored lenses from Got-Steam?  I really wanted the blue ones but felt that I looked a little too much like John Lennon rather than a steampunker with them on.  I made the right choice:

The lenses in action on Day 2.
The final item was more a purchase of necessity.  The satin drawstring bag purse I had made a few weeks ago specifically for this convention fell apart as soon as I arrived in Cincinnati, despite the fact that I tested it several times before leaving Pittsburgh.  As a result I was on the lookout for a purse.  I found an appropriate replacement at Festooned Butterfly's booth- a vintage camera case that doubled as a perfect purse for my calling cards, lipstick, cell phone, camera, money, and hotel key:

These were all wonderful purchases, with the latter two being excellent additions to my collection of steampunk accessories.


  1. great purchases, seems you had an awesome time <3

  2. I am enjoying all your posts onthis event. Looks like a fabulous time!

  3. I *love* that photo of you. So sassy, and so lovely! :) And the colors are striking.