Tuesday, May 8, 2012

ses: merchandise

One of the greatest pleasures of talking to the many merchants at the event was to learn that so many of them were local  to the Cincinnati area.  It was quite a treat to know that alternative apparel and accessories have such a following in Ohio.

The various bands, authors, and special guests who attended the concert also sold anything from books and CDs to steampunk gadgets, but I want this post to feature those who were only there for the purpose of supplying steampunkers like myself with steampunk goods. 

For the sake of time and relative equality I will explain what each merchant sold and link you to their website or Facebook page.  The only photos I will provide myself are of the objects I personally purchased, as I personally think it's rude to snap pictures of a merchandise booth without buying something, unless you know the merchants or ask their permission first.

Jewelry and Accessories:

Altered History- A fledgling vendor that sells airship and steampunk inspired badges, pins, and other adventure and military accessories.

Beadful Things- Steampunk and alternative jewelry.

Gwillim & Black- Steampunk and alternative jewelry and accessories.

Got Steam?- Steampunk accessories, apparel, props, and other fun items. While pricey, they were a vendor whose goods appeared to be worth the extra bucks.

Griffin Works- Handmade leather goods- armor, apparel, belts, mugs, and more.  Also expensive but not unnecessarily so.

Highwind Steamworks- Steampunk and alternative jewelry and accessories.

Matt Winkelmann (Artistic IntentionsThree Ravens Books) - Steampunk gadgets and accessories.  Since this vendor doesn't have an official website I'll link to his two different "project" websites.  I am not sure how you can order any of his goods online but I think the first website would be an easier way to contact him.  The "Event shots" link of the "more..." section shows a sampling of what he does sell at conventions.

Marilyn Mandalis Creative Jewelry- Steampunk and alternative jewelry.

Muses by Junghans- Jewelry with vintage components.

Oh So Fine, Inc.- Steampunk and alternative jewelry.

Singing Lemur Jewelry- Steampunk and alternative jewelry.

Steampunk Leather- High quality leather accessories, masks, goggles, and other apparel needed for any steampunker.  Expensive but for a good reason.

Steampunked Out- Accessories, footwear, props, and belts for steampunk ladies and gentlemen.  Also high quality and well worth the price for the quality.

Costumes and Clothing:

Artifixer- Corsetry.

Bustles and Britches- Costumes, jewelry, fans, Victorian hats and hatpins.  While the hats were pricey they were absolutely gorgeous.  Now I am trying to determine how to get my family to purchase one of these for my birthday as my only present.

Costume Gallery-  Costumes.  I cannot find any contact information or website for this particular vendor, but I suspect that one would contact one Joy Galbraith on the Steampunk Empire's website for further information on goods.

Festooned Butterfly- Vintage and hand-made accessories and costume pieces.

Goblin Road Doll & Mask Co.-High quality masks and dolls, as well as clothing and corsets.  Expensive but understandably so considering the excellent quality of the work.

Silversark Clothier- Gothic and Lolita clothing.

The Dragon's Hoard- Costumes, jewelry, accessories, weaponry, armor, decorations, etc.  

Time Traveller Outfitters- Historically inspired costumes, masks, and accessories.


Farley Zoober, AIW- Analog photographer.  

The Pandora Pagoda- Used CDs, Vinyls, Books, Comics, etc.

Caelyn Tek-  I actually don't recall this booth and the website for this merchant only says that she sold a bunch of stuff for other vendors.


  1. Hi, here is the website for CaelynTek Merchants. I was across from costume gallery at the symposium. http://steampunk.caelyntek.com/the-tek

  2. @ CaelynTek- I'm sorry I didn't recognize your booth. I did have your website linked on this blog, though. Just put the mouse over the name "Caelyn Tek."

    Thanks for letting me know about where you were!