Wednesday, May 30, 2012

sewing projects: black pleated skirt

My second major Victorian sewing project on my sewing machine was the skirt part of Simplicity pattern 2172- a Victorian inspired pleated skirt.  Although I began it in February, this project was delayed in great part to other projects- part of the coat used in this pattern, for example, as well as the gun holsters and Victorian purse I made last month.  Never mind the fact that I messed up cutting one of the the longer pieces correctly, and therefore had to order more material from since the stores didn't seem to hold it anymore, and so had to set the project aside while I waited for it to come in.

I chose black for the material, as I don't have any long black skirts at all in my wardrobe.  Here's the skirt in full.
Yes, my face is naked and my hair is lazily pulled back because I just showered
 after a long run and was going to bed soon after this was taken.
Who cares?  You're supposed to be focusing on the skirt, not the model!  
The hardest part about this skirt was definitely the pleats.  I misread the directions on several steps of this skirt, especially when it came to measuring and pinning the pleats, and ended up having to redo hours of work as a result. 

There also seemed to be a few unnecessary steps, such as the slipstitch on the waistband (which can only be done by hand rather than machine) that I think could have been taken out entirely.

But I am pretty happy with the skirt overall.  Now I know how to make pleats, the gathering stitch on this skirt didn't give me any trouble at all because my experiences with making my first Simplicity skirt taught me how to properly do it, and now I am totally prepared for anything involving pleats.  I also didn't mess up the waistband of this skirt this time, although now I have to learn to be more patient while reading instructions.  And even though I put in the zipper in a completely wrong way (as I don't have a zipper foot for my machine) I still think I did a pretty awesome job.

Now to finish the coat, which is a lovely white and black damask pattern.

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  1. looks really nice now lets see the next project