Wednesday, May 23, 2012

vsf wargame- official version

The year is 1878. The mad scientist Dr. Alset hatched a cunning plan to take over London using vile automatons, but was foiled at the last moment by new consulting detective Sherlock Holmes. The inventor has since fled England and taken up residence with Cacshwayo, King of the Zulus, in Zululand. Agents of the Queen have instructed Lord Kelmsford to come up with a reason to invade Zululand and bring the doctor to justice. British forces have advanced through Zululand, finally reaching the tribal capital. As Kelmsford, the British army, and a handful of special agents approach, the Zulu nation pours forth the pride of its warriors to maintain their sovereignty. But Dr. Alset has a few steam-powered surprises of his own in store for his British adversaries...
Or so the description of the VSF wargame Scott put on for the Steel City Steam Society on Sunday went.

For those of you who remember my post about the VSF tabletop wargame Scott and I had demo'ed back in March at Legions Hobbies and Games in Wexford, our game on Sunday was the same exact scenario, meant to be played by members of the SCSS.  Unfortunately everyone declined due to other commitments except myself and one other person.  

But two players, and steampunkers at that, were enough.  Scott ran the game and Jack and I, the gamers, asked questions and moved pieces around the table.This time I played the Zulus while Jack took the Brits and their allies.

It was a hot day in May, but I decided to dress appropriately for the occasion as a gun-slinging Wild West steampunk adventuress.  The fan was completely necessary- despite Legions being located in the basement of a shopping complex, it was still rather muggy down there.  Jack didn't want his photo taken.

The Brits:

The Zulus:

Jack had never wargamed before but had played various card and tabletop games before, so he picked up on what to do very quickly.  Scott is an excellent GM for running these games, and helped instruct both of us when we forgot the rules or didn't know whether a move was possible/legal/practical or not.
In the end, though, we had to leave early without determining a winner.  I thought the Brits were going to win, as they wiped out a great deal of my Zulu warriors by forming up in a tight line on the left flank.  But on their right flank (my left) they lost several native units, their cavalry, and had to face the slowly approaching dreadnought, which I did not manage to get into the game as it was unable to cross the river in time.  But it was loads of fun, and Scott is the sweetest for putting on the game.
Next option might be a Wild West gaming scenario.

The photos from the Zulu/Brit game have been posted below.  It looks as if Scott took some while I was busy playing, as I don't recall him ever handling my camera.  And he even managed to get a sneak shot of Jack!

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