Tuesday, June 12, 2012

recollections: victorian accessories

Recollections, the historical clothing site that specializes in Victorian-era clothing, had a sale over Memorial Day weekend.  I took full advantage of the lower prices by ordering a few accessories.  While they have beautiful outfits (featured in this post and this post), I doubt I'll purchase any more full outfits from them anytime soon due to the fact that I am attempting to make my own outfits now, but I certainly will keep my eye out for any good deals they may have.

Such as these tan faux leather Victorian-styled boots:

This leather waist cincher (featured in Friday's Red & Black Week post):

And this derby hat:

The shipping was speedier on these items than the dresses I bought previously as nothing had to be custom-made.

Overall I am very satisfied with the purchases.  I strongly recommend Recollections for their great quality of clothing items.  While they may be at a higher price, I think the price is certainly worth it.

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  1. Ooh..I love the waist cincher. Very nice!