Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Red & Black Week: Black Baccarra Roses

Two weeks ago a non-goth friend of mine who is getting married was bemoaning the fact that her florist had given her a quote for flowers that she just didn't feel were "her."  One of the chosen types of flowers was something that I immediately fell in love with: the black baccarra rose.

image source: Rose Gardening Made Easy
image source: Ayesha Hauer

Baccarra roses are a type of Hybrid Tea Rose.  The color is a sort of wine red, or burgundy, or blackish red.  Not good for my bride-to-be friend, whose red and black wedding color theme is more based on a bright cherry red.  But the black bacccarra rose is perfect for a goth wedding.

image source: Stadium Flowers
Has anyone had a Goth wedding, attended a Goth wedding, or dreams of a Goth wedding?  If so, what have you seen or hope to see?


  1. Oh my, when I get married, I want some of these - they are absolutely beautiful flowers. I think I have a new favourite rose. For the first time I met my now partner in person, I bought him a single rather dark red rose. While it was dark and beautiful, it wasn't as gorgeous as these. For our anniversary next year (this years' has already gone) I shall have to get him a single Baccarra rose to remind him of our first meeting and because I know he'll think it's fabulous.

  2. Oooo, those are lovely roses! I had Cara Mia roses at my wedding a dozen years ago -- rich dark red, for a little contrast to my burgundy velvet Victorian gown.

    The flowers are here: http://fishcat.com/wedding/ceremony/flowers.html

    And my gown is here: http://fishcat.com/wedding/plan/bride.html

  3. Mr. Kitty and I got married at the County Clerk's office, which in our town was a trailer (yep, totally redneck!). lol! We just wanted easy and inexpensive so we could focus on buying a house. I at least wore Stop Staring, and he bought me some red roses which I carried for the 2 minute ceremony. ;)

  4. These are beautiful. I am trying to grow roses but not having much luck.

  5. These are gorgeous! I'd love to try growing roses like this but I'm not sure I'd be successful, I only have a fire escape to put potted plants on. My wedding wasn't really goth, since other than my brother I'm the only one among my family and friends who is into that aesthetic, but I tried to add some Victorian elements and my reception was held in Salem, MA.

  6. ooooh pretty flowers! if i ever get married i might want flowers like these, too! thanks for sharing ^^ i could not grow them because, well... i make all plants die somehow :-(