Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Red & Black Week: Playing a Role

The recent cooler weather here in western Pennsylvania has made me bring out some early spring and autumn clothes, such as this ensemble.  I like to call it either my "Arrrr, I'm a Pirate!" or my "French Artist at a Sidewalk Cafe" look.  I do have a red beret that goes perfectly with this outfit as well:

The red skinny jeans are from New York and Company.  I think the striped black and white shirt is from Old Navy, but I can't really remember.  The black vest I found on sale at Dots.

My favorite part about this outfit are my beloved ballet flats by Rocket Dog from DSW.  This is my third pair of these shoes in seven years- I wear them as often as I can because they're so stylish and comfortable, and as a result they fall apart from the abuse.

I tried to base my make-up on a red theme, with red eye shadow and red lipstick.

One of the customers at my boss's coffee shop says that I seem to try to play a role with each day's outfit- one day I'm a cowgirl with brown cowboy looking boots, a denim skirt, flowery blouse and wide brown belt cinching it in.  The next day I'm all businesswoman with gray knee-length dress, toned down makeup and jewelry, and hair in a bun.  The following day I can look like an 80s model with grey and black striped dress, red heels, red belt, and disheveled hair and heavy eye makeup.  The following day can find me wearing a bright pink skirt with a green trim, a green camisole, and white cardigan in a sort of innocent girly look.

I think the customer is right- I do change my look so much and try to create different emotions, or bring out whatever I am strongly feeling at the time, through clothing.  Does anyone else do the same thing with clothes- try to create a temporary version of "you" that otherwise wouldn't be present without the clothes?


  1. We've been getting a lot of red, black and white looks the past two days. Extra credit for adding a third color! ;)

    I think having a variety of looks is more interesting. Just as we all have a variety of interests and moods. Dressing in different styles to suit where we are at in the moment actually seems more true to one's self, in my opinion!

    To answer your question about my hair, you can get braided hairpieces like what I have done, but if you have long enough hair you can just do a couple of braids in the back, wrap them around and pin them. It takes very long hair, though!

  2. haha XD and today you had another role again, nice! i doubt i would dare to wear a RED pair of trousers!!


  3. Very cute and snappy! And yeah, I totally create characters/personas to go along with my outfits. Some days I'm a fierce rockabilly chick, some days I'm a wistful princess, and some days I'm Winona Ryder from Beetlejuice. It makes life so much more fun! :D