Friday, June 15, 2012

tea dueling at coffee shops

Last night we had a blast at our International Steampunk Day celebration!  About 10 to 12 people showed up- half of whom I had met before, half of whom I had not.  We even had some steampunk walk-ins who had no idea there was a steampunk scene in Pittsburgh, and representation from the local Lolita scene!

The tea dueling was fierce at times, with myself refereeing again, so I apologize for the lack of action shots.  The winner took away the golden teacup and all honors bestowed upon her as a result.

Thanks to everyone who made it out and made the night an absolute success!

Some photos from last night's event:

Gina, the beautiful Lolita
The blogmistress

Rose, our tea dueling champion!


  1. i actually would like to watch a tea dueling XD

  2. Me too! I'd like to learn how.