Thursday, June 21, 2012

"a trip to the moon"

image source: Pittsburgh Filmmakers Theaters
Last night to SCSS went to see the famous 1902 silent film "A Trip to the Moon" at the Regent Square Theater in Pittsburgh. The quality of the restored version, in its original 1902 colors, was absolutely stunning. After that we also saw "The Extraordinary Voyage," a 60-minute documentary on the early years of cinema, Georges Melies' contributions to early cinema, the tragedy of Melies' lost films, and the restoration of the 1902 colored version of this film.

The documentary also proved, again, how much of an arse Thomas Edison was (he pirated "A Trip to the Moon," along with other American entrepreneurs, so that Melies never made a dime from their profits.)

The film will be shown only one more night at the Regent Square Theater, so if you're in the Regent Square area around 8 p.m. you should check out this amazing feat of trick photography with film.

Here's a short segment from the 15 minute silent film:

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