Thursday, July 26, 2012

chap sports, victorian industrial musical, and steampunk hands

I'm doing a general post of some tidbits I've found on the Internet recently, as well as some other news of interest.

For one, I completely forgot to purchase the new "Fight Like a Girl" album from Emilie Autumn's website when it was released on Tuesday.  Yesterday I remedied the situation, ordering the physical copy of the CD while taking advantage of the digital download of the album offered to those who purchased the physical version so they could enjoy it immediately.  

So far I've only managed to listen to a few songs while jogging this afternoon, and now as I sit in a local coffee shop, getting caught up in my Internet socializing via blogs and Facebook.  It sounds mostly like a musical soundtrack for "The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls," with "Fight Like a Girl," "Take the Pill," and "Time for Tea" being the only songs that can be stand-alone songs not necessarily tied directly to EA's semi-autobiographical book. A full review to follow.

image source: Instructables
image source: Instructables
If I ever lose a limb (God forbid such a thing from actually happening) I would make my prosthetic look all sorts of steampunk and mechanical.

Finally, this new "Olympics" needs to start taking place in every city: The Chap Olympiad!

image source: Metro
I love this guy's socks
image source: Red legs in Soho
Featuring the very chap-like sports of Butler Baiting, Bowler Hat Golf, and Umbrella Jousting (although Umbrella Jousting looks rather dangerous- see this link on Umbrella Dueling), the Chap Olympiad has taken place in London every year since 2005.

Inspired by this video of the 2012 Olympiad on this link and some talk that occurred before seeing this link, some of us Pittsburgh steampunkers are planning on making a steam-powered sports network.  Any suggestions for sports we can feature besides Tea Dueling, croquet, Butler Baiting, and the like?

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  1. seriously WHERE can you find all these fun events? and glad you like the ea album so far :-)