Tuesday, July 10, 2012

morgans bounty coupon

I don't know how often anyone actually reads the "comments" section of a blog post- unless it's my own personal blog or the blogger asks for responses to a question which I am particularly interested in hearing other people's opinions, I generally don't.  But Morgans Bounty, the merchant from whom I won the pin that I wrote about for last Friday's merchandise review, has included a message that might be interesting to my readers:
THANKS Clementine! When your name was randomly drawn I had no idea you were a blogger or that you would write up such a nice piece! The pin looks great on you and I hope you really enjoy it! I sometimes use mine on an over sized handbag.

The KARMA COMFORT site is being loaded and should be up and running by about 7/15/2012...if you see this blog message and make a purchase there before 11/1/2012 send an email with the code CLEMENTINE and I will discount 10% off your purchase!!

Thanks again! Morgan
Once again, check out Morgans Bounty on Facebook, and eBay, and look out for the full-fledged official Morgans Bounty website, set to premiere online in October.

Also check out this merchant's other website, Karma Comfort set to be running by next Sunday, ready to supply customers looking for spiritual, metaphysical, inspirational, and other soul-rejuvenating items.

And yes, now I am going by the steampunk moniker of Clementine Dahling (looooooooong story), as anyone who wanted to refer to me or my blog before was forced to just say "the blogger (or bloggers) at Unlacing the Victorians.  The blogger of this blog is simple ole' me.  For the back story read the "About This Blog" section of the blog near the top of the home page.  I may also add an "About Me" part, but most of it might end up being made up. :-P

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