Friday, July 6, 2012

morgans bounty: steampunk pin prize

God bless merchants who give away stuff for free to show how great of a product they sell.

Last week I entered a Facebook drawing on the Morgans Bounty Facebook page to win this amazing steampunk pin.

image source: Morgans Bounty eBay account
Morgans Bounty is a merchant who sells fantasy merchandise, alternative goods, and other oddities, mostly through eBay. So I fulfilled the necessary requirements for the drawing.  Lo and behold!  when the drawing ended I was contacted by Morgans Bounty to announce that I had won the pin!  Well, only because the first name randomly chosen had not actually managed to fulfill the requirements of the drawing in full, so another name was chosen and it happened to be mine.

Hey, I wasn't complaining.  This incident is only the second time in my life that I've actually won a drawing for a prize.  Just hearing that I won made my week.

I received the pin in the mail yesterday.  It was a very trying day, so the package was a pleasant sight. I eagerly ripped it open and found the following- a note from Morgan, some business cards, and the pin:

The pin is huge and heavy, and obviously well-made, as there was nary a flaw on it or any signs of poor craftsmanship.  Unfortunately my photo-taking skills were not as perfect:

Yes, it was this particular piece of steampunk merchandise that inspired me to consider my grandfather's Korean War items for steampunk costuming purposes.  I put the pin on Pop-pop's military side cap.  It looks pretty military-cogs-and-gears-chic, if I do say so myself (ignore me looking tired, I'm trying to stay up late to adjust to a new job with a night shift):

"Crap, I'm in the Army now!"
Thank you, Morgans Bounty, for this wonderful giveaway prize.  I absolutely love it, and it gave me much cheer at a rather difficult transitional time of my life.

Check out Morgans Bounty on Facebook, and eBay, and look out for the full-fledged official Morgans Bounty website, set to premiere online in October.

Also check out this merchant's other website, Karma Comfort, which she promises will be fully stocked and ready to supply customers looking for spiritual, metaphysical, inspirational, and other soul-rejuvenating items.


  1. THANKS Clementine! When your name was randomly drawn I had no idea you were a blogger or that you would write up such a nice piece! The pin looks great on you and I hope you really enjoy it! I sometimes use mine on an over sized handbag.

    The KARMA COMFORT site is being loaded and should be up and running by about 7/15/2012...if you see this blog message and make a purchase there before 11/1/2012 send an email with the code CLEMENTINE and I will discount 10% off your purchase!!

    Thanks again! Morgan

  2. Congrats! It looks fabulous on you!