Saturday, July 28, 2012

olympic ceremonies pay homage to victorian contributions

Last night while out at a sports bar with friends I saw a strange thing on the television- a pastoral scene, complete with a hill, fences, cottages, cows, and old-timey farming folk.  While we were puzzling over what to make of this quaint, peaceful picture, the scene changed right in front of our eyes to a fiery, tumultuous, industrial, smoke-and-phallic-symbol-filled setting.

That's when we realized we were watching the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics in London.

image source: Zimbio
image source: Zimbio
image source: Canada's National Post
image source: IBNLive
image source: Zimbio
While I can't say we were exactly praiseworthy of Danny Boyle's spectacle (I think a general "WTF?" was our assessment) I was very happy with the homage paid to the Industrial Revolution and the Victorian era in the segments I watched.  I mean, come on- there was even an omnibus in the stage show!

image source: Zimbio
I don't have cable, so once we left the bar shortly after the smokestacks rose and the rings of fire materialized my experience was pretty much over. However, I so wish I had seen the "Queen" parachute into the stadium in real time.
image source: Zimbio

Sir Kenneth Branagh
image source: IMGACE

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  1. :-O i need to take a look at youtube, hopefully they will have that! these pictures are awesome!!