Monday, August 20, 2012

an ode to lovecraft: roaring elder god style

Today is H.P. Lovecraft's birthday!  To celebrate the horror sci-fi writer's anniversary of his entry into this world, my friend Narla Thotep organized a gathering of local goths, steampunks, and other alternative-type peoples at an old, run down cemetery in the Troy Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh.  Although the party took place a day before Lovecraft's b-day due to scheduling reasons (Sundays tend to work best for most people in the group) we still celebrated in full-spirited Necronomecon style, with Necro-Nommy-Pops, "Soul Jello" ("Tastes just like souls!  Apparently souls taste like cherries!") and Eat'n Park Cthulu cookies!

Necron Pop 
Soul Jello, Cthulu cookies, brownies, and hummus

For those of you unfamiliar with the mostly Pennsylvanian chain of restaurants called Eat 'n Park, they are famous for their signature Smiley cookies.  Narla has a friend who decorates these Smiley cookies, so she very kindly requisitioned a few and put the tentacled Cthulu on them in place of the traditional Smiley.

Deep One: "Om Nom Nom!"

And of course there were the resident Elder Gods in attendance along with the picnickers themselves.  Fortunately no souls were taken:

Cthulu and Elder God along with the crazy bird who crashed the party
The purple-hazed Nim Derringer
Gina the Gothic Lolita
Some baby Elder God doing crazy brain-eating things with Narla
For my outfit I forwent the steampunk aesthetic, deciding instead to seize the opportunity to embrace my inner 1920s good-time girl look, in honor of the historical era in which Lovecraft wrote most of his stories.  The result:


  1. Love your flapper look! Looks like a great time. :)

  2. What happened to all the photos? I'd like to see them.