Friday, August 3, 2012

shop talk and a giveaway!

Let's shop talk!

As far as first weeks at a job go, this one has been typical in some ways, and totally new to me in others.   It's overwhelming in the sense that I have to learn so much new information and try to process it, all the while knowing that when the two museums I work for hire the person who will be my direct supervisor (which they plan to do in a few weeks) it might all change and I'll have to get a handle on a new way of doing things all over again.  But that was expected, as first weeks are like that.  

What has been new to me is the experience of having coworkers working the same hours and in the same office as me.  Yes, for the first time in my life, I actually have people I not only see on a daily basis (as it was with the lawyers for whom I worked part-time) but I also work alongside them.  At my last job everyone but myself worked from home or were on the road, and my boss was not there a great deal of the time.  At my first job I worked with an ever-changing rotation of volunteers, while I only saw my supervisors sporadically on weekends.  

It's also refreshing to realize how enjoyable it can be to have other people in the room and interact with them in real time to get feedback and advice in a timely manner.  But the best part is apparently they are all as nerdy as I am.  They all know what steampunk is, and they also appreciate it!    Also, one of them contacted me shortly after I was hired to inquire whether I was "Clementine Dahling, the be-costumed blogger," because one of my blog posts popped up on his PR newsfeed and, upon further investigation of this blog, he came across my photos and discovered the "new girl." 

They also encouraged me to revert back to my Christian name on Facebook, but that was for work purposes.  I'm supposed to be on top of the social media efforts of the two museums I work for, among other things, and they didn't want any other museum personnel deleting my Facebook account from administrating the museum's page simply because a name not associated with an employee (Clementine Dahling) was monitoring it.  But they don't care one bit that the cover photo and profile pic pay homage to the steampunk subculture.  And so go years of being lectured to hide myself on Facebook for professional purposes out the window.

The most interesting part about the job has been the history of the museums themselves, but I think that that will have to wait for another post.  Instead I leave you with an image of an infamous associate of the 19th century figure who founded the museums for which I work.

image source: Tumblr
First one to guess the name of the Victorian-era gent who founded the museums where I work based on the photographic clue above wins a prize!

Here are the rules:
  • I can't know you already, especially if you are friends with me on Facebook or good friends with me in real life.  
  • You can be from Pittsburgh.
  • You must give me the first and last name of the mystery person.
  • You have to be the first person to give me the right answer before I reveal where I work in a blog post before 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, August 8.
Good luck!


  1. :) Henry Clay Frick ... the same gent that founded the Frick museum (his house) here in NYC. BUT I might have an advantage: 1. I'm an art historian, 2. I know the Harper's image. ;)

    1. Close, but not quite. Try again (see my comment below)

  2. Though it could be Carnegie ... hmmm ... I'll stick with Frick.

    1. Dear Professor, I think my wording was a bit confusing. Yes, the Harper image is of Henry Clay Frick- he's the "infamous associate" of the founder of my museum. So the founder isn't Frick- Frick's just associated with the founder.

      You get points for recognizing Frick about to get shot though. :-D

    2. AH! I figured Pittsburg = Frick or Carnegie. hehehe ... Those two were very active in that area. Hmmm ... who hangs out with Frick and founded a history museum. Think. Think. Think.

    3. You can still win- if you give me the FULL NAME of the gentleman whom you are thinking of! You're so close!!!! :-P

      You're essentially the winner right now, but if someone gets the name of the founder before the Professor posts it based on her very useful hints then you'll get a top hat fascinator too!

    4. Ok, Andrew Carnegie! He's the only other Robber Baron in the area that has any weight. ;)

  3. WAHOO! I knew all those years of American Art History education would come in handy. *wink* Yeah, I should have said Carnegie first since he IS the city of Pittsburg itself. :D You threw me off with the Harper's image. Thanks lady!