Thursday, August 16, 2012

vintage craigslist

It's been a good bit of madness over the past few weeks in the mind of yours truly.  Have any of you readers ever gotten a sense of having so much going on that your brain hurts?  It's a good hurt, but it's sort of like information overload.  Not only am I in the third week of my new job, which provides me with wonderfully productive and satisfying workdays, but my twin sister also came back from Germany in that time and I've been busy visiting her and the rest of my family, trying to fit a social life in.  Let's not forget my college friend's wedding at the beginning of next month and my role as a bridesmaid in it.  There is a bit much on my plate to say the least, and will continue to be until next month.

I have a plethora of reviews and articles for neo-Victorian and steampunk related media lined up to write for this blog, as well as many blogs to catch up on.  Please bear with me as I adjust to the new schedule and try to finish up a few old projects.

Does anyone ever look at the "Free" section of Craigslist to purchase goods?  I quite often do, especially around August, when renters are moving out of their apartments and more willing to get rid of good items for cheap.  The other day I came across a listing for free books, and was led to several more listings, from the same seller, for a bunch of vintage or vintage-inspired items, such as these tea tins.

The tea tin on the right side of the above photo is particularly unique as it has a crank on the side that operates a music mechanism on the inside.  Of the four tins, this one is the most modern, but I am still impressed:

The musical mechanism
 The next item is vintage-inspired rather than being straight up vintage, but I like it anyway.  Not that I have a need for any more candlesticks:

The seller also offered two vintage prints that she estimated were from around the 1920s or 1930s.  They are reproductions of fashion plates from a late 19th century French fashion magazine called La Mode Illustr√©e.  The frames are falling apart and will need to be replaced, but I got these prints for a steal and am thrilled to have them.

Finally, the only free items I received were a series of books, including this one:

The Robber Barons by Matthew Josephson
Now I can learn all about Andrew Carnegie's unscrupulous industrialist ways.

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  1. These are some great finds, especially the prints ^_^ I wonder if music box tins are a German thing, I have some that originally held cookies with the same feature.