Friday, September 21, 2012

neo-victorian virtual dolls

Want to design a neo-Victorian outfit, but have no art skills, design ideas, or cash for clothes?  Try an online doll maker, such as Azalea's Steampunk Fashion Game, Clockwork Couture, or TeodoraLaessa's Steampunk Dress-up game for rudimentary steampunk outfits.

Looking for more of a Lolita look?  Try the numerous Lolita games that the Azalea has, including the Gothic Lolita Fashion game.

Has anyone ever played around with a virtual dollmaker?  What do you think of them?


  1. Yeeeees, I have played The Clockwork Couture and I'm impressed. It's really well made, the graphics are much more advanced comparing to other games that type (I have also played Azalea Gothic Lolita, for example). And the music is so well matched to the background :)

  2. I think I shouldn't even go there! The house would NEVER get dusted should I decide to start playing with virtual dolls! :D