Tuesday, September 25, 2012

the charmed neo-victorian life

Pinch me- surely this is a dream?

How did I manage to go from "miserable slave girl of world's most disorganized boss" to "museum marketing assistant to nicest coworkers and wonderful and competent boss?

Seriously, what did I do to deserve this?

Now I do know I work my butt off at work- there is simply too much to be done in a day.  But the fact that I never run out of work is just so remarkably different, in a good way, from my previous job, that I haven't yet ceased to see it for what it is: a pain in the arse.  The days just go by so much faster when you are engrossed in work that you believe in, even when it's as dull as scheduling that advertisement in the local newspaper for that new exhibition.

But the best part of this job is simply this phone call I received from a coworker organizing the grand Gala on October 12 to celebrate the opening of the art museum's Inventing the Modern World: Decorative Arts at the World's Fairs, 1851-1939 exhibition.

ROSE:  So Clementine, I was told you like to dress as a Victorian...

CLEMENTINE: (*chuckling*) Yeah...

ROSE:  Actually, I am calling to ask you if you would be interested in dressing up in Victorian clothing for the Gala.

CLEMENTINE: WHAT?! Yes!  I have just the dress for it!

ROSE: Actually we have period clothing loaned from the Pittsburgh Opera.  So if you want to do it-

CLEMENTINE: (interrupts) YES!

ROSE: -and know 2-3 people who would want to do it as well, that would be terrific.

CLEMENTINE: Ummm, I know people who would most likely want to do it, but they're not museum employees.

ROSE:  That's fine.  It's all volunteer work- they wouldn't be paid for it, but they'd get a free dinner and free admission to the museum.

CLEMENTINE:  Then yes! 

After that conversation I think I ran around the office squeeing for a full five minutes, while one of my coworkers teased me for being worried that they'd judge me for my neo-Victorian/steampunk leanings.

So now, dear readers, I get to dress like a Victorian at a formal event at a museum- as an usher and gallery ambassador, as well as a volunteer, in more accurate clothing than I actually have in my wardrobe.  *Squee*!

So if you're in Pittsburgh and plan on attending this gala at Carnegie Museum of Art, look out for myself and the other period-dressed event staff.  We'll make sure you don't miss a thing at this wonderful event!


  1. Luckiest girl in the world, you are! Can hardly wait to see the pictures and hear all about it!! :D

  2. Congratulations!! Wow; you really did end up in just the right place. I'm so happy for you, both for your fabulous, rewarding job and this new opportunity. Have fun, and yes, please: lots of photos!!