Wednesday, October 17, 2012

adventures in sewing: margarete's costume

Due in part to Andrew Carnegie's generosity to his employees (even 80 years after he died) I found myself with four vacation days to use up before January 1, 2013.  So I decided to fulfill a desire I had had while at my old job- visit my twin sister, who is finishing up grad school in South Carolina, this fall.

Yes, this is the same one who's written two guest blog posts for me over the past two weeks.

Months earlier I had asked Margarete if she wanted me to make her anything on my sewing machine- partly to hone my amateur skills on something more difficult, and partly because she likes to dress up as much as I do- just in a different way.  She told me that she wanted a Renaissance costume to wear to a Ren Faire in North Carolina. 

After showing her several Elizabethan and Renaissance Simplicity patterns, and threw in an 18th century and medieval pattern for good measure, she finally settled with the medieval pattern below (Note to Self: twin sister doesn't know what "Renaissance" is).  She chose Pattern C- the one in the upper left-hand corner.

I started working on the dress in May, stopped when I quit my old job at the end of June, and then worked on it on and off in August and September.  I made the final push to finish the dress these past two weeks and have it mostly done.


Model: The Blogmistress.  Hey, we're identical twins, so we're about the same size.

Despite some issues with the collar and the chest area, and the fact that the sleeves are ridiculously long for her (they go over my hands and I'm a bit bigger than she is) I think it's a decent first attempt at a full-fledged costume of this caliber.  And hey, I did the sleeves right!

I'll probably have to alter the dress- especially those sleeves- and potentially shorten the length of the dress, readjust the chest area and remove those stupid, superfluous ribbons on the shoulders (they really do look stupid).  But overall I am just happy I got it done and in time to go with her to BrewFest Weekend at the Carolina Renaissance Festival this year!  I'm currently at the airport as I write, and will be spending the next five days visiting Margarete.  She's lending me her Bavarian dirndel to wear at this Ren Fest, so stay tuned for photos!

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  1. Wow, you did a fantastic job! I really love the colour - very regal... And you're wearing a dirndel? I can hardly wait for the pictures!! :D