Tuesday, October 30, 2012

devils' night post: catwoman costume

This Halloween I have forsaken my beloved steampunk subculture for the sake of Batman comic goodness.  My friend Nim insisted that several of us lady steampunkers should dress up as various Batman villains.  She claimed Harley Quinn, another of our number already had a Poison Ivy costume, and... I was given Catwoman.

For inspiration I decided to do a complete mash-up of the various Catwomen from film versions.

I purchased a vinyl suit for the purpose, recommended by the vendor of Black Hearts Clothing:

Then this cheap black mask:

And who could forget the infamous bullwhip?  I really wanted one as just a cheap prop for my costume, and obviously a real bullwhip would be quite expensive.  After some internet research I discovered how to make a simple bullwhip out of black duct tape from this written and this YouTube tutorial:

Laying out the tape


The tip

The handle

The handle
I think it turned out very well for only $5 and half an hour of my time, don't you?

The costume in full at the Monsters, Music, and More charity event on Saturday:

Cat chasing a rat!

I had so much fun in this costume, and plan to wear it to at least two more Halloween parties.  What will you be for Halloween?


  1. I was the Phantom of the Opera! No one asked me to sing. That made me sad.

    As an aside...I bought my first whip in sixth grade to go with my first Catwoman costume. I've had a whip of some description ever since - now it's a very nice leather bullwhip.

    1. Which song would you have sung from POTO if asked? :)

    2. I was most prepared to start with the second verse of The Phantom of the Opera, but I totally could have done Music of the Night, too.