Thursday, October 25, 2012

halloween goodies

For the past two years that I have been living on my own I have had a severe lack of Halloween decorations- mostly because it was not in the budget for me, a "just out of college living on her own for the first time gal."  Now I've upgraded a bit.

On my apartment door is this happy fellow...

...followed by this narrow hallway of lights:

The living/dining area has some small touches, including my vintage tea tins and my steampunk witch hat:

And a smattering of mini pumpkins my one roommate gave me to decorate the place (apparently none of my roommates want to actually decorate our humble abode, so they let me do whatever I want/can):

Speaking of decorations, here are the only two truly "steampunk wines" I have ever come across- the brand "Stark Raving:"

I filched these bottles from steampunk parties at the Trundle Manor, because I love the graphics on the label- so reminiscent of steampunk.

Also, my owl salt and pepper shakers from Target, just because they're cool:

I also received some nice Halloweeny items from my decidedly non-Goth older sister, who just loves decorating for the holidays and wanted to thank me for a favor I did for her at the beginning of the month with spooky merchandise: 

bat candy dish...

... with M&Ms (why doesn't my grocery store have the black 'n orange ones?!)
A set of "Witch stockings" tea towels"
"Trick or Treat" window clings
Then there are the variety of costume items I have purchased for myself, such as this Target "Victorian" hat:

This masquerade masque from CVS- an item many of my steampunk friends highly complimented before discovering that is was from a drug store, and then didn't believe me until I heavily insisted that I had only paid $5 for it at a local CVS: 

And the vinyl suit that will make up the clothing part of my Catwoman costume (with my steampunk witch broom next to it:

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What will you be for Halloween?  What kind of Halloween decorations do you keep around the house?

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  1. I love your decor! I want those Stark Raving wine bottles! I, too, am obsessed with all things Victorian.

    I really like the Target hat too, sometimes you can find good things like that unexpectedly. And the silver teaset. and the checkered cup!