Monday, October 1, 2012

mia for a little time

John Atkinson Grimshaw (1836-1893) Autumn Evening (1883)
image source: Ellen and Jim Have a Blog, Too
As nearly always happens, whenever I say I'll be too busy to write on this blog I end up not being so for very long.  But October will prove to be a busy month for me- not only am I on the final stages of my twin sister's medieval Halloween costume, but I am also prepping another costume for a photo shoot this Saturday and have yet to even begin working on my actual Halloween costume (a bunch of ladies from our steampunk group and I are doing a group costume of Batman villains, and I was given Catwoman).  Throw in volunteering to edit a 74 page alternative American Civil War history for a steampunk friend of mine for his TeslaCon presentation and several major Halloween get-togethers, as well as a trip in the middle of the month to visit my twin sister, and it will be a very packed schedule indeed.

So Happy October, and I hope to update sooner than I am expecting to at this moment!


  1. Get cracking on those Hallowe'en costumes! Don't let anything distract you from your mission(s)! :D

  2. Happy October! Hope it's fun and not too busy. :)