Monday, October 22, 2012

the corset diet

I'm a sucker for ABC's 20/20 specials.  Unfortunately I think the reporting is a bit too biased for me to be comfortable with calling it good journalism.  But the show never fails to introduce me to a new and bizarre fad.

Such as this supposed diet fad that is not so new- the corset.

image source: ABC News

Having eaten food while wearing corsets, I discovered that tight-lacing really does reduce one's appetite- probably because it restricts the room available in your stomach for food, making you feel full sooner.  While I don't think such a diet method beats out healthy eating and exercise, and corsets do deform one's bone structure, it makes sense to see the corset as a Victorian woman's "weight loss" method, if only for restricting the space for food in one's stomach.

You can watch the segment from Friday, October 12's episode at the link below.

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