Sunday, October 28, 2012

the victoriana and strangeness of columbia, sc

Restroom door from Charlotte, NC (where Margarete picked me up from the airport-it's cheaper to fly into Charlotte than Columbia)
I've been back from South Carolina for a week now.  I promised to have photos of me in a dirndl, as well as my sister Margarete in her medieval dress made by yours truly.

Unfortunately Margarete got sick the last day I was there, so there was no Renaissance Faire for us.  Instead I went to the South Carolina State Museum and the SC Confederate Relics Room and Military Museum.

The museums provided a lovely, refreshing course on Southern history, especially focusing on the American Civil War and Reconstruction eras.  I took photos, but also made the mistake of deleting all of my photos that I took later that day.  Thus I lost photos of the steam engine replicas, the first telephone replicas, the textile industry displays, and most importantly, the Victorian-era "hair-craft" displays in both museums- especially the wreath made entirely out of human hair.

Instead here are some [bad] photos of an evening outing we had at a pub called The Whig in Columbia, SC, a very unique underground pub with a bit of a Trundle Manor feeling:

dead bug display- a lot like the ones at the museum where I work...

Door to the VIP room- this bar was once the vault to a bank.

The VIP "vault"

The VIP "vault"- note the bars on the vault door

A caged skeleton- I like to think that it's a chicken skeleton

Bobcat with prey- a raccoon?

The important thing is I got to spend quality time with my twin sister, who I miss dearly.  I really do hope she moves closer to me when she is done with her schooling so we can hang out more often- this is my best friend and worst enemy we're talking about!  And yes, it is a "twin thing."

Margarete and I in another bar in Columbia, SC

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