Tuesday, November 27, 2012

hardcore outings

This past weekend was PACKED with crazy social events.  I'll write about one of of these in more detail when I can gather my thoughts to do an intelligent blog post about them, but for now you're getting a mostly general synopsis.

On Friday night I was in a steampunk fashion show, and I want to show off the lovely outfits designed by Pittsburgh's own Jen Rocket- who also designed steampunk-inspired costumes for Scarehouse's 2009 Rampage! attraction.  As an aside, after I stammered uncomfortably some noncommital bull when she directly asked me what I thought of those costumes (readers, I didn't think they were very steampunk at all) she saved me from having to save face by telling me that she was unhappy with how they had turned out as the Scarehouse had taken her original costumes and broken them up into pieces between several actors- so four full costumes ended up being spread out among 12 people or so.

Anyway, three of us volunteered to model some of Jen's creations at the Edison Steampunk Ball at Cattivo's this past Friday.  This skilled seamstress has worked with leather extensively in the past, and more recently with elaborate epaulettes.  Using these skills, and latex masks made by her husband, Jen made three uniquely steampunk-inspired outfits in a style that I like to call "Valkyrie steampunk-" a more hardcore ethereal appearance with the color schemes of steampunk but no obviously Victorian trappings:

image source: Jen Rocket's website

image source: Jen Rocket's website

The final result on the lovely models- guess which one is me:

Photo by Nim Derringer.  Photo used with permission
Photo by Nim Derringer.  Photo used with permission

Photo by Nim Derringer.  Photo used with permission
I had no idea the dress was going to be THAT short when Jen fitted me...
Photo by Nim Derringer.  Photo used with permission
I had so much fun modeling in the fashion show.  I'm still rather stiff and uncertain of myself, but geez, I do seem to know what I am doing in these photos!  

Saturday was Airship Pirate Days.  More on this event later, as there is much to say about the first steampunk convention within reasonable driving distance of the city of Pittsburgh.  I was a vendor and a storyteller at this event as well.

Sunday was my only day at home to relax, but instead of relaxing I spent the day doing laundry, thoroughly cleaning my apartment, and decorating the place for Christmas.

Monday, however, Scott and I went to see GWAR perform at Mr. Smalls Theater.  Having never been to a GWAR show before, I wasn't quite sure what to expect.  I knew that I was probably going to come out of the show with my clothes a bit stained with fake blood.  I wasn't expecting the BUCKETS of fake blood and alien... erm... fluids... sprayed all over my person:

Me.  My middle is clean only because I had a tank top that I took off before we got back in the car.

Scott.  You should have seen his glasses...
It was one big sweaty mosh pit of course.  I don't mind moshing- in Pittsburgh it's relatively mild compared to other places, or so I am told.  What I do mind are crowd-surfers- mostly because I usually get kicked in the head and Scott usually ends up losing his glasses.

At the encore song there was a pretty terrifying moment with not one crowd surfer, not two... but FIVE of them practically on top of Scott and I.  It was so bad that one of the crowd surfers was being thrown onto another crowd surfer.  Scott decided that he wasn't going to put up with that crap, so he pulled the one guy down, bringing the entire mass down with him.  

Unfortunately I thought that they were falling by accident, stepped forward to try to catch the first guy, and ended up having the guy fall nearly vertically on top of my legs, bringing me down as well.  The crowd closed in, Scott disappeared from view, and when I tried to get up I was hindered by the weight of that guy on my legs.

After a two-second contemplation of the best way to get out of this situation without getting trampled, I decided to start screaming hysterically like a little girl to get Scott's attention that I was down.  Within seconds he had found me and was trying to pull me up- which took a few efforts as I was pretty weighed down.  

I was shaken up from the experience and pulled close to him, but then one of the security guards (as we were pretty near the first row) offered to pull me out.  Without any sort of permission on my part Scott and another guy lifted me up so I could be pulled over the barrier and allowed to exit the mosh pit.  Scott soon exited in similar style.

I'm fine, and had an awesome time with Scott otherwise, but I still want to smack those crowd surfers for fucking up the last song for me by making me have to so ignobly leave the mosh pit in such a manner.

When I got back I saw my own reflection:

Yeah, that red eye?  At first when I saw it I freaked out, convinced I had burst a blood vessel.  Then I took out my contact lens.  The eye was fine, but the lens was stained red.  And I can't get it to come out!

According to the internets, it was all the rage for kids about 12-13 years ago to put food coloring on their contacts to make them different colors- which eye doctors said was dangerous.  I have never heard of this trend before.  Has anyone else?


  1. You make an awesome steampunk Valkyrie!!

    My daughter went to a GWAR concert - she thought it was awesome! Sounds a little disgusting (and frightening, in your case) to me ... ;o)

    1. Thank you! And yes- GWAR is very disgusting. And was frightening in my case.

  2. You looked lovely as a model. The outfits look great!