Friday, November 2, 2012

steampunk greenery

Time to display some neo-Victorian industrial styles in the liveliest color of nature: green!

A few weeks ago I entered a drawing for a set of steampunk earrings on The Punkettes- a steampunk, dieselpunk, and clockpunk blog.  And I won!  w00t!

I received the earrings when I returned from my trip to South Carolina, and have enjoyed them several times so far- so lightweight and fun!

Also, while at the Monsters, Music and More charity event, there was an auction with all proceeds going to the charities for whom the event was run- the American Cancer Society and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. I played the part of Vanna White, showing off the various pieces in the auction- movie posters signed by cast members of the original version of The Night of the Living Dead, a samurai sword set, and paraphernalia from local undead loving group The Steel City Zombies.

Then this deliciously lusciously green coat came into my hands.  And I couldn't let go.

So for $50 this baby was mine! 

Made by Lady Moon Designs, an alternative clothing seamstress based in Australia, this gorgeous brocade coat seems t have been upcycled from something else- either unused brocade material or an actual coat.  Either way, the craftsmanship is second to none and the detailing is amazing, especially with the accessories added on:

The collar

The lapel

The lapel

The back midsection

The sleeves

Check out Lady Moon Designs on Etsy or Facebook. and The Punkettes' blog for awesome items or giveaways.

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