Friday, November 23, 2012

trailer for "lincoln"

It's Black Friday, and I'm... at work.  But that's okay, as I love my job!  (and partially because due to my working today, I don't have to work Christmas Eve.  Yeah, we're that kind of museum.)

It's been too hectic of a week for me to write any really meaningful blog posts, but then I remembered that I never actually featured the trailer for Lincoln, starring Daniel Day-Lewis.  While I am not a Lincoln worshipper, the fact that Day-Lewis is playing the character almost guarantees a spectacular performance.  The man is truly a master of his craft.

Americans, check this film out in a theater near you.  International community... check your local listings.  I am not sure how much interest one act in the life of a mid 19th century American president will generate amongst you, as the USA is not the focus of your world.  But if you ever see it on DVD, it may be worth checking out, to see how one country struggled with the issue of slavery.

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  1. We saw the trailer for this just the other day, and both said it looked like something we should go see. So we will! :D