Wednesday, December 19, 2012

alternative subculture holiday gifts

Much to my surprise, this weekend I received a plethora of gifts from those associated with Black Hearts Clothing.  I haven't known these people for long, but it was very sweet of them to think of me on the holidays.

First, these skull and crossbone earrings, which I plan to wear to the next Club Arkham goth night on Saturday, December 29- it's an end of the world themed party.

Sorry the photo is so bad- I tried everything to make it less blurry.  Eventually I gave up.

I also received these Betsey Johnson earrings, which seem to be better suited for a bride than for me, but I guess I do wear a good deal of non-conventional "goth" colors for these club nights.

What would a Christmas gift be without ornamentation for my tree?  The first was a Doctor Who inspired snowflake with the Ninth Doctor on the one side, and the TARDIS on the other:

And a real Goth Christmas ornament- a black bulb with skeleton cameos on golden Fleur-de-Lis deocrations!

And finally, a gift I truly can use for more than just a holiday decoration- these fingerless gloves.  Just perfect for so many of the steampunk items in my wardrobe!

 What is your favorite goth/steampunk/alternative gifts that you have you received- this year or in the past?

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  1. the ornaments are gorgeous! they gave me lots of inspiration to make my own alternative ones :) If I want something alternative, I have to make it myself :P