Friday, December 7, 2012

gothidays: home-spirit of the season

Last Gothidays post, folks- this is how we do Christmas at Clementine Dahling's apartment!

While I love decorating for holidays, my stash of anything other than everyday decorations is ridiculously small.  Lack of space for storage as well as a rational of "I have a little money  but why spend it on something that I can only use once a year when I can buy something else that I can use all year!" tends to reign supreme in my mind.

That being said, I got this wonderful 7 ft. artificial Christmas tree FREE from a friend just before she moved to Dubai last year (I scored, as these trees are usually $80 at Walmart.  I offered to pay, but Jyoti was having none of that nonsense).  The ornaments are a mixture of items I bought on sale at the end of last Christmas, candy canes, ornaments I've gotten for free from church or gift exchanges, and Victorian inspired tin ornaments I bought from a gift shop at a historical site six years ago.

I don't have a tree topper, so this year I stole the ribbon from a gift basket we received at work.
See last year's tree topper- an Angry Bird!  (And yes, the picture behind the tree is none other than a movie still of Clark Gable as Rhett Butler.)
My only "Goth" ornament- a freebie I received from
the steampunk fashion show I modeled in two weeks ago

My most cherished ornament- my parents bought this for me when I was a kid, which I used to hang on our kid tree at home.  It being the only fragile ornament I owned as a kid, I always treated it with greater than usual care, gently unwrapping it from old newspaper before securely hanging it from a place of honor where all could see.  When I opened the kids ornament box last year I took this ornament for my own "home."

Two  of the tin "Victorian" ornaments- a star and a twisted colored icicle-like ornament

The mantle, with stockings for myself and Scott.  I already have Scott's stocking ready. He'll probably put nothing in mine, but that's mostly because he doesn't live here and so doesn't have the chance to fill it up.
My musical tea tin, which plays "Jingle Bells."

My "present" salt & pepper shakers, a freebie from my mom

This is the only room in our entire apartment which is decorated for Christmas.  My bedroom- nothing.  My roommates' rooms- nothing.  The kitchen- nothing.  The front door doesn't even have anything.  I do have some colored lights I could string up, but we also don't have enough outlets in this apartment to support our appliances, let alone frivolous lights.  There is room in the hallway, but I've already got my Tesla lights hanging from there and didn't want to take them down.

What I can carry around with me, however, is a nice mug of hot chocolate, complete with whipped cream and holiday sprinkles on top.  It's the absolute best to just sit in front of the tree with some carols playing softly in the background, sip at the cocoa, and enjoy the beauty of the warm, homey symbol in front of me (i.e. the tree.)  

Cheers to you and the season, dear readers!


  1. Aw, very, very nice decorating! Sooo, pretty! And yet another person with a real fireplace! What the heck? I'm living in the wrong city!!! Sheeze. ;) Thanks for participating!

  2. Oooh, I love your Batty ornament! I think I need to find some of those sprinkles for my hot chocolate!! :D

  3. It looks very cozy. :)
    Now I want a hot chocolate!